Agellis EMLI-FurnaceProfile measures metal and slag levels in European smelter plant

Agellis Group AB has received an order for the supply of an EMLI-FurnaceProfile system. The order comes from an international non-ferrous producer for a smelter plant in Europe.

The EMLI-FurnaceProfile system allows process improvement through objective and consistent metal level measurement and complete smelter or furnace material profiling. The system is used to measure the different layers in the furnace, from which metal levels are calculated with high accuracy.


We are confident that this EMLI-FurnaceProfile installation will provide highly valuable information for the customer to increase process efficiency, cost savings, environmental impact and operator safety”, says Patrik Bloemer, CEO of Agellis Group.


Delivery and installation is expected to be made during the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2017.


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