Agellis minimizes steel losses in Japanese steel plant

Agellis Group AB has received an order for the supply of a LadleSlag monitoring system. The order comes from a major integrated steel plant in Japan.

The monitoring system LadleSlag is designed to help the operator monitor and rate the de-slagging process in order to achieve a sufficient and consistent slag removal, while simultaneously minimizing the steel losses.

In steel production, the focus lies in maximizing metal yield and reduce unnecessary process costs. Controlling the de-slagging process is crucial to production efficiency and significantly reduces the operator skill dependencies.

“Receiving an order from one of the leading Japanese steel producers is an honour and a great testament of the need for our products to achieve better process control in order to compete on a tough global market”, says Patrik Bloemer, CEO of Agellis Group.

Delivery and installation is expected to be made during the second quarter of 2017.

Agellis LadleSafe system uses a vison-based platform (VISIR) with a wide range of thermographic cameras together with unique user software and server solutions.

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