Agellis receives order from a North American steel plant

AGELLIS Group, which develops and sells products and solutions to the global metals industry, has received an order totalling 140 KEuro for a measurement system at a steel plant in North America.

The order relates to a system (EMLI-T) that will accurately measure the steel level in tundishes at a continuous casting machine. The order was preceded by a demonstration of the Agellis equipment at the plant while working together with the development department of the steel group. The system is expected to be delivered during the third quarter and handed over to the customer during the fourth quarter of 2014.

Agellis had close cooperation with the steel group development department and we could show the plant significant operational benefits and an attractive payback time. The installation will have a great reference value for Agellis globally” says Patrik Bloemer, CEO of Agellis.

For competitive reasons, Agellis chooses not to mention the end user plant by name.

All Agellis products are based on a common electronic platform called EMLI. EMLI T (Tundish) measures the steel level in a tundish with high accuracy, independent of slag and powder thickness. A reliable measurement of the steel level in the tundish helps the plant to increase production and obtain a higher yield.

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