Agellis supplies a tundish level system to a plant in USA

Agellis Group AB has received an order for the supply of a Tundish Level Measurement system (EMLI-T) from an American steel plant belonging to a major South American group.

The Tundish Level Measurement system is designed to monitor the true metal level in the tundish continuously, during casting, ladle changes and draining in order to control the desired operating level without being affected by slag or powder. The metal level in the tundish is measured electromagnetically to improve quality in the finished product, optimize production yield and increase safety at the caster.


The EMLI-T system is unique and challenges traditional procedures in the industry. It is always a real pleasure when a customer decides to invest in the latest technology to remain competitive and market-leading. The fact that this customer belongs to a large group shows that investments such as this one can be approved when they increase production yield and bring a higher safety to the operation”, says Patrik Bloemer, CEO of Agellis Group.


Delivery and installation is expected to be made during the second quarter of 2017.


All Agellis electromagnetic products are based on a common electronic platform called EMLI.


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