Non-Ferrous solutions
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Electromagnetic measurement of metal and slag levels for furnaces.

The AGELLIS EMLI-FurnaceProfile system is a measurement unit that records a complete material level/profile at a fixed location point in a furnace whenever required. The measurement method used is based on a patent pending technology. The system is used in all furnace/smelter types where access is possible and the process requires knowledge of different material levels.



Slag thickness, matte level and bottom build-up can all be provided quickly and easily with a semi-automatic delivery system. The operator is in a safe place during the entire operation minimising the risks often seen with manual level measurements. It is even possible to combine the EMLI-FurnaceProfile with temperature and material sampling. The sensors used are not consumable items and will continue to provide measurement for many sequences. Agellis provides several types of delivery system, vertical entry, tilt or swing arm entry, as well as complex custom made solutions.