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Metal detection during slag tapping

Agellis EMLI-MetalSlag continuously monitors the metal flow during tapping of the furnace and provides alarm outputs at the onset of slag in the stream. These outputs can be used to immediately end tapping by gate closure or by change of tilt angle, while also giving visual and audible alarms.

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Sensors/cabling are customized to fit any furnace and sliding gate/tap-hole arrangement with only minimal modification to existing equipment. The Management Unit is capable of running multiple Control Units of the same or different EMLI system types. This enables the user to expand the system to run extra slag detection systems or add mould level or tundish level measurement systems. Plant tested components make the EMLI System extremely durable with low maintenance costs. All EMLI systems have compatible parts, that means stocking spares is also simple and cost effective.

Iron making blast type furnaces as well as SAF, Flash, Peirce Smith, Reverberatory, Teniente and Slag Cleaning Furnaces and others can all benefit from use of the EMLI-MetalSlag system

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