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Continuous tundish and runner metal level measurement

EMLI-TundishLevel provides the operator with extremely sensitive measurement of the true metal level in a continuous casting tundish and runner, irrespective of the amount of slag or powder present.

EMLI-T (red) hemsidan


With a measurement range over the full depth of the tundish, the operator will always have precise information about the metal level, be able to maintain the correct pressure head and also to drain the tundish while preventing slag carryover to the mould, thus increasing yield. Individual tundish identification assists system function and improves customer process control.

Automatic calibration, high & low level alarms, self-diagnostics, multiple input/output options and continuous data logging, enable the system to be compatible with all customer operating procedures and control requirements. Plant tested components make the EMLI system extremely durable with low maintenance costs. Sensors are mounted against the inside wall of the tundish, are cover protected and sensor tails exit through compression fittings to heavy duty connectors on the outside. The sensors require no special handling or cooling and are able to run at 900 degrees C continuously while resisting chemical corrosion.