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Metal detection during deslagging

Agellis VISIR-MetalDetect improves your metal yield through detection and control of metal losses in the deslagging process.


VISIR-MetalDetect Illustation

Why VISIR-MetalDetect?

The VISIR-MetalDetect system is designed to monitor the ladle or furnace deslagging operations in order to detect when metal is being poured. Thus a minimal amount of metal is lost and yield improved.

MetalDetect uses a thermal camera and vision technology in order to monitor the deslagging operations in real time.

By using the VISIR-MetalDetect system you will be able to assist operators to control their deslagging metal losses in a safe and secure manner. The thermal camera mounted behind the deslagging stream will monitor the process automatically and inform the operator when metal is detected so that they can modify the process quickly and safely.

By better control of the deslagging process variations and ensuring that the metal losses are significantly reduced, yield improvements and consistency can be achieved.

The VISIR-MetalDetect system will automatically track and store vital information for each heat and make sure your yield and quality assurance program is met every time.






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